Luyu Cheng

Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science
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I’ve been in Hong Kong for 20 days.

The beginning days are always painful, strenuous, but contended. I made many new friends. They come from a variety of places. I met my supervisor (in the flesh, finally). I started learning a dozen of things. Furthermore, I also spent a lot of money.


I bought Types and Programming Languages and started reading it regularly. In the beginning, I planned to read it every day. But soon I found it impossible, so I’m trying to review it thrice a week.

I purchased LG UltraFine 5K. It’s good, but not perfect as I’ve expected. If I could travel to the past, I will definitely advise myself not to buy.

I preordered iPad mini 6. It’s very intriguing that almost every student (even some teachers) have some mobile device (no matter iPad, Surface, or other tablet) that support stylus. So, I’d give it a try.


I haven’t started reading yet. I borrowed some books from the university library. The university library is richer than I’ve expected. When I was studying in my previous institution, I was once frustrated by the lack of original copy of books in the library. I wish I could start reading them at the earliest.


I’ve been rotating on my old playlists for a long time. Before I sleep, I listen to Sleep Sounds playlist from Apple Music. After I get up, I listen to FKJ’s live. The only new artist I discovered is Ghostly Kisses. I like her voice and the music video of Don’t Know Why. I could gain some inner peace when listening to her voice.


I almost did nothing because I feel no desire about photography recently. But I still took something worth posting here.


There is nothing to say about watching. I’ve been in a mood that I have no patience on watching any movies and videos. My YouTube history is full of music videos and lives. I don’t know why exactly this happens.

But I keep watching online courses produced by Keenan Crane. He is excellent at making beautiful compute science figures. Last year, he had been publishing his lecture videos of his computer graphics and discrete differential geometry courses.

See you next time.