Luyu Cheng

Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science
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Thoughts on My Photography

Lately I’m pondering over my photography skills. It started few days ago, when I recovered my desktop computer and I found tons of old photos in my backup disk. I was inspecting these photos. Some early photos even trace back the first trip I carried with my uncle’s DSLR camera. However, when I compared these old photos with photos I took nowadays. I realized that I’ve had little improvements at all during past few years. So why?

I’d been reflecting like this for several times. I blamed it on many factors: the lack of technical knowledge, poor gears, and even the ordinary of my environment. I thought, if I know how to use gears properly, if I have some thousand-buck cameras and lenses, and if I go to somewhere splendid, I will definitely produce countless beautiful shots. However, in the last trip to Hangzhou, although I had all of them, what I took is still rubbish.

The problem is on me, I think. Photography is a subfield of art and I never attended any esthetics training and courses. Each time before I press the shutter, I consider less about esthetics about framing and color. When it comes to post-processing, I also have no idea about how to balance colors and contrasts.

Fortunately, it’s not late. I still have much time. Time to march on new world!